Sabrina & Serena Gil '17

Their names are Sabrina and Serena Gil and, yes, they are identical twins, but they are totally unique and so too has been their path to success. They are aspiring chemical engineers who want to focus on cosmetic formulation but their involvement at Bishop Ahr High School ranged from dance to theater to color guard to STEM Lab experts. Through their recent involvement in the STEM Learning Lab (aka Makerspace), they have found a hobby in woodworking, metalworking, and 3D printing. They endeavor to be “Renaissance scholars;” to appreciate both the scientific and the artistic in an equal light.

The Gils remember the announcement of the top 10% of the class as one of the most extraordinary moments of their high school career. “Usually, hearing your name over the loudspeaker isn’t what most high schoolers look forward to. But hearing our names announced as part of the top ten percent was a fulfilling moment. Bishop Ahr High School had instilled a love of learning in both of us and made outstanding achievements possible through the encouragement of the counselors and teachers.”

Now as Chemical Engineering majors at Rutgers University who also participate in the Rutgers University Marching Scarlet Knights Color Guard, where we perform about 6 entirely new shows within a span of 12 weeks, they say that college life can sometimes be overwhelming but that BGA more than prepared them for these challenges. Their active participation in multiple organizations such as Swing Dance Club, three Drama Department musicals, and the Color Guard taught them to balance coursework with enjoyable forms of the arts that allowed them to express their creativity. Multiple AP classes aided in preparing them for college coursework and pushed them ahead of our peers. All in all, they say that their involvement and academic achievements at BGA allowed them to succeed in their college lives to the best of their true ability.

Despite being fulltime college students, Sabrina and Serena’s involvement with Bishop Ahr High School has not ended. The passion that they discovered for the sciences while at BGA continues in the form of weekly volunteering in the Bishop Ahr Stem Learning Lab under the supervision of Mr. Mulvihill. There, they have learned countless characteristics of multiple types of engineering while mentoring students on what it truly means to be an engineer. But they emphasize that BGA isn’t just for aspiring scientists. They say that it’s for any student who wants the next four years of their lives to be memorable. It is for students who want to make the most out of their high school experience, whether that be in sports, drama, music, the arts, academics, service, faith, or life experiences. “BGA offers infinite possibilities and we encourage you to find your own path. We promise you will cherish it forever!”