St. Thomas Aquinas / Bishop George Ahr High School Athletic Hall of Fame

The Athletic Hall of Fame was established to honor those individuals who have excelled in their specific sport or sports while a student at STA/STA. Recognition has also been given to coaches or team doctors for their outstanding dedication to the STA/BGA Athletic program.

The following is a list of those inductees:
Mr. Anthony Aschettino
Ms. Kelly McDevitt-Connors, '85
Mrs. Karen Barnes
Mr. Joseph McLaughlin, '85
Mrs. Catherine Brady
Mrs. Jamie McNally-Halloran, '98
Mrs. Maureen Brady-Kovacs, '75
Mr. William Melton, '85
Mrs. Lynne Braine
Ms. Ann Mullan, '84
Mr. Theodore Brinkofski, '08
Ms. Yancy Munoz
Ms. Anjelica Brinkofski, '09
Mr. Dennis O’Keefe
Mr. Jack Burns, '74
Mr. Bill Pavlak, '76
Ms. Sharon Cartwright, '87
Mr. Joseph Prehodka
Mr. Anthony Cavico
Mr. Joseph Prosdocimo
Mr. Ralph Citarella, '76
Ms. Monique Riddick, ‘07
Ms. Renee Doctor, '85
Mr. Scott Runkel
Mr. Stanley Domin
Dr. Todd Ryan, M.D.
Mr. James Farrell, '85
Ms. Bethann Snell, '91
Dr. John Ferrante, M.D.
Ms. Sheila Sponauer, '77
Mr. Matthew Golden, '80
Mr. David Stanislawczyk, ‘81
Mr. Alexis Greaves, '85
Dr. Edward Stivers
Mr. Ronald Hilliard
Mr. Nicholas Tonzola, '88
Mr. Fred Janiec, '76
Mr. Darrin Winston, '84
Ms. Michele Lanigan, '96
Mr. Michael Wolfthal
Mr. Brant Lutska
Dr. Patricia Zientek, '82
Mr. John McDevitt, '87
1984 State Champion Football Team