College Applications FAQ

What happens if I don’t apply through Common App to a Common App school?

We strongly encourage you to use Common App for ALL Common App schools. If you apply another way (i.e. directly on their website or mailing in a paper application), we will have to mail out your packet, which means it will take the college longer to receive it. If you do decide to apply another way, YOU MUST ALERT YOUR COUNSELOR THAT YOU DID NOT SEND YOUR APPLICATION THROUGH COMMON APP. Failure to do so may result in a delay in your application.

I have not taken all of my SAT/ACT tests before the application deadline. Should I still submit my application?

Yes! Submit your application even if your SAT scores are not yet available. Indicate on the application the date you are planning to take it. The college will know to wait for your test scores to be submitted. Remember to let the testing service know where you want them to send your scores. We do not release any test scores at BGA.

Do I submit my application before I bring in a transcript release form?

Yes. Make sure you hit that ‘submit’ button and get your confirmation that you applied BEFORE you bring your transcript release form to Counseling. We cannot send your application materials unless your application has been submitted.

Do my letters need to be in before I bring in my transcript release form?

Your letters of recommendation do not need to be uploaded or handed into Counseling before you bring in your transcript release form. Your Counselor will make sure that all letters are in your application materials before being submitted.

Do I see my letters of recommendation?

We highly recommend that you waive your right on your applications to see your letters. This will ensure that the college knows that your letters are being written honestly. However, your teacher may opt to give you a copy.

Should I submit a copy of my resume with my application?

The information on your resume will most likely be included in your application somewhere else. If this is the case, there is no need to hand in a resume as well.

Do I need to hand in the college’s forms with my transcript release form?

If the college requests that you print out a page to include in your packet, and that page includes the same information that is sent on your transcript/school report, you do not need to include it. These include teacher recommendation forms, counselor forms, school forms, etc. If you are unsure, just print it out and hand it in with your transcript release form. Your counselor will know if it needs to be included.

Will my class rank be reported to the colleges I apply to? 

BGAHS does not rank its students.

Is there any place to indicate that I am taking the maximum number of AP courses that a student can take at the school? What if there is a scheduling conflict?

As part of every application packet, a school report is sent which indicates how many AP courses are offered. Your transcript will indicate how many you have taken. If there is a scheduling conflict, and you would like the colleges to know that, your counselor can indicate that on your letter of recommendation. However, you must alert your counselor that you would like this included.

Once my transcript release form has been brought in to Counseling, how long will it take to send my transcript out?

This may take up to 2 school weeks, assuming school is in session. Please note that applications cannot be processed if the school is closed. Sometimes emergencies come up which may delay the process. It is therefore imperative that you bring your transcript release form in at least two full school weeks before the deadline (please see attached list of dates). There is still some processing to be completed on our end. Certain times of the year are much busier than others, and your counselor may have up to 20 or more applications to send for the same deadline. If there is a problem with your application, your counselor will notify you. This rule applies to scholarships as well as college applications.

I received my yellow transcript release form receipt but the college says they are still waiting for my transcript. Does this mean my transcript was not sent?

If you received a receipt, rest assured that your information has been sent on the day indicated on your receipt. However, it may take weeks for the college to update their system.  If 4- 6 weeks have gone by and the status has not changed, call the admissions office or see your school counselor.

Do you need to know if I am applying to Rutgers or any other “self-reporting” school?

No, we only need to know if you are accepted AND are going so we can send your final transcripts.

Rutgers is asking for my GPA for each year. Where do I find that information?

We do not calculate your GPA on a yearly basis. Your GPA is calculated on a cumulative basis. You can find your cumulative GPA on your transcript.

On the Rutgers application, where do I enter all of my grades?

First you complete part 1 of the application. Then you will receive an email which tells you where to go to self report your grades.

How do I know how many credits each of my classes are worth?

You can find the credits for each class on your transcript.