Leadership and Summer Programs

Below is a downloadable version of leadership and summer programs presented in a spreadsheet format to make it easy for you to sort as you wish. This spreadsheet includes information on leadership programs, summer opportunities, etc. for students of all levels, as indicated. Please note that the grade level indicated is usually the grade level you will be in AFTER summer - make sure you verify before applying! It is your responsibility to check this site regularly as new information will be added on a regular basis. 

Remember that applications are due in the Counseling Office a minimum of TWO WEEKS prior to the deadline if information from the Counseling Office needs to be included (letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc.) OR if you want the application materials to be mailed out by the Counseling Office. Deadlines are real, and a lack of proper planning may result in a missed opportunity. Many courses and programs fill up quickly, sometimes even before the deadline, so be sure to apply early!