Student Assistance Office

The Student Assistance Office follows a broad-brush philosophy which posits that students who are displaying troubling behavior will be referred to the Student Assistance Counselor, regardless of whether that trouble indicates any involvement or association with drugs or other alcohol-related concerns.

Troubling behavior is defined as any behavior that exceeds the boundaries of the teacher, parent, administration, or counseling and effects, negatively, the student's academic performance, social interaction or personal life.

Referrals can be made by oneself, a teacher, a friend, a member of the administration, a parent, a nurse or a school counselor as part of the Drug and Alcohol policy, or out of concern regarding a mental health issue or personal crisis.  All release of information and referral forms will be administered through the Student Assistance Office.

The Student Assistance Counselor will be a resource for high-risk students, students in crisis and all drug and alcohol related issues.

All discipline and academic issues will be directed to the appropriate professionals.

For any questions, to ask for more information or to make an appointment, please contact:

Student Assistance Counselor: Ms. Brianne DiBetta | 732 549 1108 x612