Come Audition for the September 2020 Production, The Merry Wives of Windsor.

  • Initial Auditions will take place on Monday, July 27th at 5:00pm by appointment in the Theatre (see below).
  • Callbacks will take place on Tuesday, July 28th at 5:00pm in the Theatre.
  • Additional Callbacks (if needed) will take place on Wednesday, July 29th in the Theatre (Time TBA).

Audition Forms & Materials can be downloaded below. Please note that all students auditioning are responsible for printing out their audition forms and materials for both initial auditions and callbacks. Please print out all of the monologues and scenes; not just the monologue you wish to audition with. 

To sign up for an initial audition time slot, please click the link below and follow the instructions provided:
Audition Appointments

PLEASE, only select ONE time slot. DO NOT return to the poll and select a different slot a second time. You are expected to arrive at the BEGINNING of your time slot. Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, prompt arrival at the start of your time slot is important to maintain social distancing standards. 

Any questions, please email Ms. Amy Kate Byrne at