Voice Your Support for School Choice Now Act
Posted on 07/30/2020

The COVID-19 crisis has put Catholic schools throughout the U.S. at serious risk of not re-opening in the fall and being permanently closed.


Thanks to your recent advocacy, proposed legislation entitled Alexander-Scott "School Choice Now Act" has been introduced that will give emergency funding to scholarship organizations in each state and provide permanent federal tax credits for contributions to scholarship granting organizations.


Please ask our US Senators to include the School Choice Now Act in the next COVID relief package.


Please click through to our Voter Voice system to put your message in front of the US Senate! Voter Voice - NJ Catholic Conference



1. That private school students receive Equity in COVID-19 relief services offered to public schools

2. Tuition assistance for struggling families

3. Tax deductions or credits for families' education expenses to help in the struggle to pay for school tuition now.


THE ACTION: Please click through to this link: Voter Voice - NJ Catholic Conference to follow the prompts on NJ Catholic Conference's Voter Voice.


Please do this as soon as possible as this is a fast-moving issue where the impact of our voices can be heard and make a difference for our families. It only takes a few minutes to ask our Senators to help our Catholic School Families stay in their Catholic schools.


THE RATIONALE: It is important that our leaders in Washington hear from us how important Catholic school is for our children. The School Choice Now Act will help our schools be there for our students, families, and teachers. Our voices are needed now.


PLEASE CLICK HERE NOW: Voter Voice - NJ Catholic Conference