Students Go Above-and-Beyond in Service
Posted on 01/30/2020
We would like to recognize the students whose service to the community goes above-and-beyond what is expected of them. They act as messengers of the Gospel and role models to those around them. Congratulations!

Seniors: Maia Lim (1054 cumulative hours), Vanessa Hunter (775), Amanda Markert (747)

Juniors: Thomas Koenig (556), Mary Strunak (488), Kiara Cronin (479)

Sophomores: Morgan Lavelle (not pictured – 207), Tyler Kadi (207), Jamie Metz (189), Alexis Citro (186), Erin Zafian (186), Elizabeth Pepe (186), Whitney Pepe (186)

Freshmen: Lea Bragg (140), Jessica Markert (96), Brianna Herrera (64)